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Swathi and Vijay

David Smith

Apr 16, 2022

Working together to help change Hyderabad

Swathi and Vijay are a husband and wife team to which they employ their artistic talents of painting to plaster the walls of Hyderabad and Khammam, India with a non-violent theme of protest against government corruption. They met while in college and immediately clicked. Soon after they were married, but dropped their pronouns and only go by their first names, a symbol of individuality. Their goal is to paint murals that represent hope, unity, resilience, and frustrations of government corruption. Some of their murals are elaborate, highly detailed, and scaling 55 feet high. While others are small and simple that focus of the meaning (similar to Mono). Only starting their mission in 2008, they have made a huge impact on the sub-continent and their work has been highlighted in gallery's across the world.

Here they simply took over the road with a question for the people of India. Are any of these four choices strong and help the people? None of them? What about other choices?

Is the treatment towards the people of India by the government peeling away? Is it that the government doesn't care about the people?

The one with Sindu is a mural of Sindu who was a gold medalist in the Rio Olympics. the mural is style as to have her eye focused on the birdie to mean keep your eye on the prize/ don't give up.

As Whitney said, the children are our future. Swathi and Vijay are reminding the children to face fear and battle it, express yourself, and read to expand your mind.

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