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  • What happens if my shipment is damaged?
    We offer a 10 day return policy where you must contact us and take pictures of the damaged product. We will replace the item with a like item, but exact is not possible due to all products are one of a kind. Buyer pays for shipping of returned item. We do not offer a monetary refund.
  • How do I know if a item fits in my display area?
    All items include the dimensions in both metric and standard. Please use a ruler or tape measurer to check and see if the item fits.
  • How do I know if the item is food safe?
    We notify in the desciption of the item and a care card with shipment on care of product and notifying if the item is food safe. Never use an item that is not food safe to eat from or cook with.
  • Is my item dishwasher safe?
    All items intended food or dining are labeled as dishwasher safe in the desciption and also mentioned in the care card with shipment.
  • Is this item microwave safe?
    Most of our glazes have a small amount of metallic mineral in it. We do not recommend putting any of our items in the microwave.
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