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Halloween Crazy

I am passionate about Halloween. Below are displays of past decorations to my house. I prefer to do things a little different. Most make scary displays to there house, while I choose to make something lively and funny, with the occasional scary twist. The displays are not for my own addiction, but for people of all ages. It is my fear for a 3 year old to be too scared to come up and receive their treat. However, I want to satisfy the nerd in all of us. So far Displays have included Monty Python and The Holy Grail (2020), The Endor Moon from Star Wars Episode 6 "Return of the Jedi (2021)," A Convergence of Superheroes from different cinematic universes battling it out (2022), and a grouping a scenes from different series i.e., Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, DC Comics, and Monty Python (2023). This coming up year has been a long plan in the making, so I hope everyone enjoys my hard work.

2024 Preview

A Little Bit for Everyone 2023

A Convergence of the Multiverse 2022

Star Wars Episode 6 "On The Endor Moon" 2021