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David Smith Artist Statement

        The hegemony of the Western World has existed since Ancient Greece's mother cities ruled the Peloponnese. Slavery, racism, othering, and annihilating whole populations has been, by design, part of the advancement of white European culture.

        With my background in anthropology and experimental archaeology, I use art to display the atrocities Western Europeans have perpetrated upon those they believe to be inferior. Ceramics, sculpture, painting, metal working, sewing, and graphic design are just a few mediums I use to enhance my fabrication so the viewer can feel the pain which has been caused worldwide.

        Helping the viewer to understand the pain and suffering of the oppressed is one part of my art. I also wish to understand the pain or comfort which ancient artists experienced. Through experimental archaeology, I use their methods, equipment, materials, and practices to better understand their art. I also hope to explore the artist's culture, society and more. Through my work, I hope to not only bring the art back to life, but the soul of the ancient artists.

What's Wrong With Us No. 1 (back) final.jpg
What's Wrong With Us No. 1 (front) final.jpg
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