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David Smith

Jul 2, 2022

Converting chaos into serenity and beauty within the walls of Newark, NJ

Rorshach is a duo of brothers Andre Leon x Robert Ramone. While they do paint on their own projects, some of their best projects are together. While these brothers are not bonded by blood, they are bonded by love, deep connection, and the compassion they have had for each other since children growing up in the gritty but beautiful city of Newark. Their similarities in art have brought them together in a bond that spreads love, reflection, and social justice. Here is a snippet from their bio:

their focus is on creating artwork that reflects their environment. This environment consists of chaos and beauty; oppression and freedom, and the inspiration between it all. With their consistently evolving styles, a specific one is difficult to pinpoint. However, their work has been described as narrative figurative realism and abstract expressionist graffiti.

Titled "Unwavering," they have captured the essence of this woman and project her power through the red and green boundaries. To myself, I feel the red and green are trying to hold her back. However, she is pushing through with her determination.

What could be simply called the wall, this half mile long stretch was just done by the two of them. Made to highlight the beauty that Newark possess. The open hands and welcoming people into the community that loves all.

"Throwie" was done in a garbage dumpster area in an alley way. Now this could have many themes to it. What could be there meaning behind it? I feel it means the girl is being thrown away by society and left to rot. What are your opinions of this piece?

Who was Flip Wilson? He was one of the first Black comedians to have his own show, stand on his own, and not make comedy that was derogatory towards blacks prior to his comedy prowess. Maybe the devil made Rorshach made do this. However we are happy to have a mural to honor a great man who left us too soon.

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