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Rodney "Buck" Herring

David Smith

Mar 5, 2022

Whiskey, God, Women

Rodney "Buck" Herring is the type of artist whom I strive to be like with my painting skills. His style of application to different types of material, the themes in which he discusses, and raw impact he strives to make is an inspiration to myself and should be to other artists. He uses painting as a means to discuss and express raw feelings.

Buck mis originally from Baltimore, but after receiving his degree in art, he settled in D.C.. Right away Rodney began to make noise in the art scene of the District and quickly made a name for himself with his raw expressive painting and uses of mixed media to transmit a message. Within the last eight years he has had numerous solo and groups exhibits. Today Buck has become one of the premier artist in D.C. and is a must meet to divulge his theories and message.

This is titled Helpless Nation/ Planks that bind which is from his solo exhibition of Whiskey, God, and Women. He expresses his inner demons, pain of oppression, and raw feelings.

Titled Decay/ Home, I feel this is trying to express pain which the boy is feeling by neglect of the city and society

State of Flow could be interpreted differently to each viewer, but to me I see someone trying escape pain and suffering.

Well titled "Fuck it/ It's all down hill from here perfectly suits how society is treating still the Black culture after numerous legislation for equal rights and treatment. Still to this day the Black population in America is treated as second class citizens and are not given the respect they deserve

Flight School tells there's hope. Hope by letting go. Freedom by not fearing death.

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