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Ophelia Chambliss

David Smith

Jun 11, 2022

Emphasizing Diversity, Light, Beauty and Cultural Inclusion in a small city.

Ophelia points out that one can do many things with a mural. You can make a statement, capture history (good or bad), record memories, and project future. She focuses in Lancaster, PA so to bring together the community and enhance the beauty for which it possess. Below is her artist statement.

I specialize in murals that project a message, serve a purpose, create community and are a reflection of my clients mission and objectives.

Process and progress, are key components in my working methods. The entire process is planned and managed, with regular informative and visual updates. I work with my clients to meet their needs in regards to space, budget, audience, and participation.

I have a Masters degree in Communications with an emphasis on semiotics, representation in the visual image, and discourse analysis. I have a Bachelors degree in Communication with an emphasis on visual rhetoric and visual messages.

My experience and background in effective communication has proven beneficial in creating a visual image that is functional, informative and aesthetically appealing.

Ophelia here created a memorial to the colored regiments of the civil war. Still to this day, most of the black soldiers who had fought for the north are still not recognized for the selfless acts of bravery, even when they were treated as second class citizens in the north. She emphasizes of war logs of soldiers, images of Lincoln county during the time, and also Black leaders who had made a difference during a time of oppression.

Ophelia tends to paint in a free collage style of painting with many of her murals. This is one of her murals made for Lancaster Elementary School. Every color, creed and orientation is represented to show all are welcome and equal. We must respect and love each other no matter what.

I appreciate this mural as it is three dimensional and highlights different aspects of Lancaster. One can see the artistry of the mural, the modern form of the sidewalk and building directly behind and old that is too the left back. History, beauty, and new are all represent in the painting and captured within the photo.

Ophelia consistently emphasizes the importance of inclusion and love for all. The different creeds dance together in this flowing form for which she has created. The waves intersect with the people to create a dance of harmony. Something I hope we can achieve in this world of division and separation.

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