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Nils Westergard

David Smith

Mar 19, 2022

Today My Heart Beats Only Out of Habit

Nils Westergard is a Belgian-American street artist and film maker based out of Richmond, Virginia where he studied Film. Starting with stencils and graffiti as a teenager in the Washington DC suburbs he developed a unique style which has been translated to walls across the US, Europe, and Australia. His intricately cut stencils. hip-hop music videos, and large murals investigate topics of intimacy, ego, power, and fragility. Splitting his time between Richmond, Gent, and Amsterdam the 26-year old artist is establishing himself as a rising figure in the urban art world.

Nils created a mural inside a middle school in San Francisco that honors great people and heroes of the bay area. Left to right - Ansel Adams, Yuri Kochiyama, Harbey Milk, Maya Angelou, Julian Richardson

Icarus Fallen has a deep meaning to me. I see a women stripped of all her vulnerability and innocence while the beauty of the world is killed in front of her.

untitled, created with Joachim in Antwerp, Belgium. What I see is a woman or girl in pain but forced to wear a mask to hide her pain.

Created in Richmond in association with Hamilton Glass. A tribute to all African Americans who were murdered by the hands of police. Made as a wake up call to call against racism in the police force.

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