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Nick Napoletano

David Smith

Apr 2, 2022

Nick Napoletano takes Charlotte by Storm

Nick Napoletano is a young painter who has made a large impact on the muralist scene across the world. Focused in Charlotte, NC Nick draws on his degree earned from Hartford and apprenticeship under Fred Wessel to bring a mural to life that starts a conversation. Helping people to be aware of the human condition and as it relates to both the individual and world. Nick's activist art does not focus on one topic, but draws in on the attention of where his installation is painted. He has begun to experiment with augmented design to bring a new life to painting in the 21st century.

Titled Seven Women, this draws the attention of the power of women and the impact they have made on society and what they can do.

Untitled, but I call this Beauty myself. This shows the beauty of Black culture and the hope of the new generation.

I could not find a title for this one, but I see it as planting a seed in the young so they may blossom and become something more. Installed in my old neighborhood, I wish I would have seen this everyday while driving or riding my bike to work. Such a beautiful piece of art to pass by everyday.

Titled Two Faces, this is an experiment with the augmented reality. The painting comes to life when seen in person. This could have many different meaning, something different to each viewer possibly. To me I see it as a Black boy who is torn between what he can be and what society judges him as.

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