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David Smith

Apr 23, 2022

Taking Back the Walls of Cape Town

Nardstar is a South African Street Artist who focuses of geometrical line and bold color palate to show the beauty of the Black population in Cape Town. Cape Town authorities have been on a mission to white wash murals and graffiti art. The white population who secludes themselves to walled and barbwire communities, has a goal to Whiten Cape Town and not allow the Black population to participate in the daily activities. Nardstar and other artists plaster the walls with either symbols of protest, or like Nardstar, the beauty of the Black Population and the beauty of Africa. Nardstar uses her geometrical lines and bold colors to highlight natural beauty and push for constructive dialogue.

Here she is using the quote, coinciding with the painting to demonstrate that we grow through both the good and bad that happens to us.

Looking deep into her eyes and you see strength and imagination, The lines help to direct us to the eyes and then away to the flowing hair.

She is celebrating the African voice and beauty of her music. One can see the lighter direction aimed away from her mouth speaking of beauty and harmony.

I was impressed with this installation she made for a gallery. The hands are gesturing you down the hallway to a man standing tall and proud, while his shadow looks distressed and sad.

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