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Megan Caruso

David Smith

Jun 4, 2022

Helping to Bring Life into Harrisburg

Megan Does not create murals on a large scale, rather she promotes the creation of murals for others so to be an outlet and a way to express themselves. Below is a snippet of her artist bio.

Megan Caruso is a creative director, artist and public art producer located in Harrisburg, PA.

She has 10+ years experience as a graphic designer and is currently enjoying work as the creative director for TheBurg, Harrisburg's community magazine.

Since joining TheBurg in 2014, she has been the recipient of over 20 Pennsylvania Press Awards for her art direction and design.

In 2015 she co-founded Sprocket Mural Works, with a mission to create public art. To date she has organized and produced 35+ public mural projects in the Harrisburg area. She also regularly participates in artist residencies at local high schools, so that she might inspire and train a new generation of muralists.

In 2017, Megan decided to actively pursue her personal art, in the form of functional porcelain ceramics. She finds joy in making simple but elevated pieces under the name Quiet Clay.

Below are not murals done by Megan, but by initiatives she has done to help bring life to Harrisburg. This has also given a canvas for up and coming and old alike to express themselves.

The eye from each represent different to me. The eye to the left impresses strength and fearlessness. The eye of the right gives me the vibe of fortitude, beauty, and inner strength.

Here I see the quirky cuteness of cartoon you will find in Japan the intertwines in hair of a woman who is expunges harmony and a freeness that many desire but do not achieve due to the dichotomy of the world which we live in.

Here and just like the first two, I could not find the artist name who created the work. I hope to because they transmit such passion and creativity, I would love to have a conversation with them. Here I see the black experience. Not what is experienced in the inner city, but what children hope to have. This mural illuminates beauty, kindness, and purity which you can tell ping pongs with the children who are viewing it.

Ralphie Seguinot Sayford created this, but what is she trying to say. The swirls and slashes add confusion and disturbance to the face of the girl. She seems to back away and be afraid of what is being witnessed. The light to dark shades, mixed with the cool and warm colors bring a state of fear to the girls face.

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