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Lyle Kissack

David Smith

Feb 19, 2022

Bringing Beauty to BMore

Lyle Kissack is originally from Brooklyn, NY. but has spent his entire adult life in Baltimore. He creates his murals to connect to the neighborhoods and beautify areas, primarily in the Black Butterfly. Mural artist have come from NY or San Francisco to create murals, but do not connect, represent, or speak of the neighborhoods in Baltimore. Lyle works to show the inner beauty of the people and represent who they truly are, not how they are played out to be. After creating the Barclay mural, local resident Shonda Jones commented how the people looked like the people in the neighborhood. The little girl looked like her daughter, the skin tone looked like their skin tone. She commented how African Americans are of different skin tones, not just black, and Lyle represents this.

Lyle created this to show there is light and beauty in the neighborhood and not rundown area that the city government makes it out to be.

Lyle shows the power and strength of the community. The love they have and can share.

Here Lyle represent what the neighborhood used to look like and how it can be again through strength and unity of the people.

Lyle depicts different settings of the people within the neighborhood and how their power of unity gives each other strength

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