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Experiencing Marcie Wolf-Hubbard

David Smith

Jul 14, 2023

Marcie Helps to bring a light onto our great state of Maryland

I decided on a change and branch out from my appreciation of murals and highlight all artists after this hiatus I have taken. First I had to highlight Marcie. When I was able to see her work in person, I was truly blown away. Her figurtive painting has a great represenation of the world of disturbance that it is. Her dipiction of Venus that I'll show is amazing. I hope you appreciate the lite sampling of her work and then visit her website for more chewy eye candy.

Here I see as a past and present of styles with this charcoal drawing she has done. If you look close, notice some of the drawing styles you would see on cave painting from 20,000 years ago. However, then you see a flowing modern way of drawing the horse to have the viewer feel it is in motion. The spread of colors blend well to help bring the focal point of the horse at the base to your view.

If you know of the painting of venus reclined with the servant in the background then this might strike some similarities to you. However it is of an Indian woman, yet from the dress and pose, I see the same prose. This is charcoal on wood. Marcie is a mixed media artist and loves to twist around the mediums to her pleasing. I appreciate the artists who step out of the borders and create with their imagination that includes the surface or materials.

This speaks to me on many levels. I see the title of contemplation, but I can see pain in this as well. Domestic abuse whether it is phyiscal, mental or both is an ongoing issue against women. The pose and head position I see a deep state of thinking of why am I hear for example. The medium and background is absolutely stunning.

Named A Friendly Vistor you can easily see it by the stance of the dog. Many love to give and recieve love from our fur babies and this one looks like it will definetly share. The oil pastel stick on panel help to bring out the dog's love and good nature.

Here is Marcie's website

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