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Dare Coulter

David Smith

Mar 26, 2022

Showing That Black is Beautiful

Dare Coulter reminds me of a former classmate of mine who choose to depict her Black Culture in it's true light. A light that's beautiful, able to overcome anything, persistent, and challenge the societal norms in which the Old U.S. has placed on them.

Dare is an amazing muralist, sculptural artist, and literary illustration artist for children's books. Her murals can be a stepping stone into the past, an act of perseverance, or an Afro-futurism dream. Her use of colors create a kaleidoscope of imagery for the person to take in, but still have it narrowed to a singular focal point. Let Dare challenge you by experiencing a mural for its beauty and true depiction, not what society has placed on the theme.

Dare captures the essence of music and dance intertwined in emotions to bring this mural of early bluegrass music within the Black Culture.

Before large companies and the federal government started to take away farm land from the Black population, there were thousands of Black Cowboys that roamed the ranges and tended to large farms. Hopefully one day prejudice will be put to the side to allow Black ownership back in large streams.

Dare Shows her sculpture skills here. The sign says it all for the meaning of the piece. Absolutely beautiful and touches the heart.

A powerful piece the shows unity of all people standing together strong for equity in America.

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