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David Smith

Feb 26, 2022

Corruption Causes to People to lie in Waste

Banksy is probably one of the most controversial mural/ graffiti artist in the world. He has worked for 30 years to remain anonymous. His work in graffiti art has pushed the boundaries to point out pain and suffering of people, while also showing hypocrisy in the art world. He does not intend to just create works of art, but to make statements across the world. Life jackets that lie on the coast in Italy, pointing out the massive death of immigrants who try to cross the Mediterranean Sea is but one. He will make murals around dumpsters that how people rely on the garbage of the rich to survive. Banksy may or may not intend to start a revolution, but he has within the art world and brought out more artist to use art as a protest.

Here Banksy points out the destruction of the environment just for a polluted city.

Instead of throwing a Molotov cocktail, Banksy shows the protester only wants peace

Banksy points out that we are all minions to the corruption of government

Painted in Bristol, England, at the end of the lockdown from the pandemic Banksy reminds us that there is hope, no matter how dark it may be. Banksy wants us to stay strong and keep fighting for a better tomorrow.

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