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Alejandro "Mono" Moreno Gonzalez

David Smith

Feb 5, 2022

Chilean Protest Art

Alejandro "Mono" Moreno Gonzalez is a mural artist from Chile who made a name for himself by creating work to promote the presidential candidate and eventual president Salvador Allende. His work promoted to efforts Allende would and made for the people of Chile to prosper and advance forward. In 1973, Allende was overthrown by the army general Pinochet who would then run Chile with an iron fist. Mono created protest art during his rule to help rally the people against Pinochet. Mono would then travel across the world to create murals in order for people outside of struggling communities to see what the people are facing in their land.

Mono created this mural during Allende's term to show what prosperity the people are and can have with his government.

Mono created this in Ukraine to point out the pain the people still face after Chernobyl.

Intergracion here was possibly made to show defiance through mural art. Painted in Santiago Chile

Mono still creates today. Here he makes a mural in Santiago Chile to represent all the different types of people unified under one flag in Chile.

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