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AI Weiwei and Friends

David Smith

May 7, 2022

Free Ai Weiwei

Ai Weiwei is one of the most prolific art activist in the world today. Consistently being a wrench in the Chinese Communist Party, he challenges his government and other governments to right their wrongs and make reforms. From breaking a Tang Vase to the backpack installation of dead Chinese school children, Ai Weiwei is synonymous with activism and standing in front of the barrel. While I highlighted the art of mural work of artist in previous weeks, I thought I would show to protest art people around the world made to protest the imprisonment of Ai Weiwei by the Chinese Government. Artists and fans alike plastered walls inside and outside of China to demand for the release of a man who could never be silenced.

This was a stencil that was uploaded to the web and immediately people downloaded it and would spray paint it on any wall they could find. This was copied onto walls so quickly, the Chinese government could not keep up with cleaning the walls.

You do not have to be skilled with a can of spray paint to make a point. The message is loud and clear

An installation art of the common stencil, but it was beamed onto a building with a spotlight. Large and easily seen from far away.

Here someone plastered on an image of Ai Weiwei from a protest video he made while under house arrest.

The letters spelling free Ai Weiwei are painted onto a red china image, with a made in China below. The artist used the colors of the Chinese flag to represent the protest

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